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Our Approach

Holistic wealth management is a concept that many firms and advisors use today, but few actually deliver. They may simply provide asset management, financial/retirement planning, insurance or banking. To provide true holistic wealth management, we believe it is necessary to have in-house resources and expertise in all of these areas. We strive to gain an in-depth understanding of all facets of our clients’ financial, tax and planning life – including estate plans, corporate and entity structure (if relevant), income tax considerations and investment and insurance portfolios.

Our in-house team includes a variety of professionals with different areas of expertise – attorneys, CFPs, an LLM in tax and an FALU as well as investment professionals and insurance experts. Instead of one person trying to meet every need, we function as a team which ensures that each member serves in their area of highest competence. Having a team mentality, we also value our clients’ other trusted professionals, including accountants, lawyers, trust officers and other family members. Everyone typically sees things from a different perspective and working together as a team delivers a better results for our clients.

We also know that expertise is necessary, but not sufficient. Understanding our clients’ values, hopes and dreams is an essential part of building long-term, trusting relationships. Every member of our team is committed to ensuring that each client receives the warmest, highest level of service possible.