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Legacy Insights

At Legacy Capital, we believe that an educated client is a satisfied client. To uphold this belief, we communicate weekly through our Legacy Insights piece. Our purpose is to provide information about the market and provide helpful tips. We also send out additional commentaries when unusual market events occur. We consistently use simple, concise language to convey our messages as a means for our clients to clearly navigate and understand the information. (click a title below to view the PDF)

How Corporate Taxes Could Impact Markets This Election Season (1 July 2024)

What the Fed's Outlook Means for the Bond Market (24 June 2024)

How Dollar-Cost Averaging Helps Investors Manage Risk (17 June 2024)

How Technological Innovations Impact Markets (10 June2024)

What Dow 40,000 Means for Consumer Net Worth (28 May 2024)